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MIGO Customer Insights
 Why use AI to understand Feedback at Scale?

Why do retailers need to adapt to the hybrid customer?

Customers research online

>80% of customers are hybrid, looking for information prior to and during their shopping experience.

Customers review store performance

Posting short reviews is becoming the widely accepted. Especially google sends push messages to customers in store.

Customers expect immediate service

Hybrid customers have a high expectation of service. They expect  feedback within 24 hours.

MIGO - Challenge and Opportunity

What are typical business questions of our retail customers?

MIGO addresses a broad range of questions based on its modular approach and flexible data structure

MIGO provides you with unique customer and competitor insights

Explore more Features

MIGO provides a holistic view on the customer – Analyzing all sources and all format

Whitepaper "Feedback from 2 Mio.+ retail customers – unlocking insights from online reviews with AI"

Take a look at 2021/20 data and insights on how German Retailers perform from a genuine perspective of millions of customers

How are google reviews a game changer for retail organizations?

Position-based "nudging"

Google triggers review when leaving the store

Global reach

Google reviews are rolled out in almost all countries


Standardized content

Reviews are standardized with stars, free text, and images

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