Predict42 Student Day – Artificial Intelligence demystified

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Angela Merkel or Sheldon Cooper – Who should you hire? An introduction to people analytics.

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Unleashing People Analytics – best practices from Digital Marketing

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Why Predict42? Our Founder Story.

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Marketing, please make your most valuable customers a top priority – How to get started quickly with RFM and CLV Models

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Three concepts in online marketing which really matter today.

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People Analytics: How to use rapid prototyping to get everybody involved

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People Analytics with No budget, No ressources, No experience: Here is how to get started!

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prototype, learn, and automate with Predict42

Our Mission: Help you ask the right questions to make better decisions in marketing and people analytics!

Dr. Johannes Fuhr

Dr. Johannes Fuhr

Geschäftsführer, Co-Founder

The Marketeer

I have 15+year of experience in both enterpreneurial & corporate environments. Therefore, I understand the challenges you face and can point out workable solutions.

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Dr. Thomas Görtz

Dr. Thomas Görtz

Geschäftsführer, Co-Founder

The Data Scientist

I am a mathematician with 10+ years of experience in online marketing and data science. I love to turn data into information and then quantifiy business impact. 

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Learn with your own analytical prototypes 

Step 1: Prototype with quantified business impact

Based on your key questions, we will build analytical prototypes. These visual and interactive prototypes help you understand business value and implications.

Step 2: Learn by challenging the prototype results

Using our interactive prototypes, we go back and forth to identify and answer the key business questions. This iterative learning-based approach also creates acceptance for change among all stakeholders

Step 3: Automate the process and implement the solution

We help you implement the solution by either providing scripting logic or a full application. Both can be operated for a small license fee either in your own stack or by us in the cloud

Explore people analytics solutions and hear from customers

Explore SEA Analytics and learn about our solutions

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We offer free consultations in order to see if and how we could help. Do not hesitate, the least you can expect is that we point you in the right direction!

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We will demo our applications with sample data for you. As a result you develop an understanding,  how our approach could work for you.