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Core Features


Competition Insights

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of public feedback, encompassing both text and images, to gain insights into how your services are perceived in comparison to your relevant competitors.

Feedback Insights

Run feedback analysis by seamlessly integrating your CRM and CX/Feedback data. Alternatively, you can swiftly gain valuable insights by uploading your own survey data immediate results.

Text&Image Explorer

Effortlessly explore sentiments and topics. Our AI models identify topics, drivers, and trends in your feedback, including images, to give you deep insights into what matters most to your customers or employees.

Key Features of Our Product


Competition Insights

Conduct a thorough analysis of public feedback, such as Google Reviews, and make insightful comparisons with your competitors!
  • Analyze relative strengths and weaknesses versus the competition
  • Understand key topics and sentiments
  • Rank your brand versus local competitors
  • and many more...
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Feedback Insights

Seamlessly integrate your CRM and CX/Feedback data, or quickly gain insights by uploading your own survey data and using AI for instant results.

  • Analyze different question types (NPS, ratings, and more) with ease
  • Analyze open-ended text answers to understand drivers and trends
  • Benchmark feedback from multiple sources and metrics over time
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Text & Image Analytics

Effortlessly explore sentiments and topics with AI.

  • Explore sentiments and topics with our discovery and trending modules
  • Understand drivers of customer or employee satisfaction
  • Get inspired by AI-generated topics
  • Explore multimodal feedback: text and images
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By connecting to our customers' systems, we can integrate different types of feedback content into MIGO Feedback Hub, centralizing all feedback in one place and leveraging the power of AI and user-friendly design to gain deeper insights.

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