Feb 1, 2024
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My student internship at Predict42: Insight into the world of data analysis and artificial intelligence

My student internship at Predict42: Insight into the world of data analysis and artificial intelligence

During my student internship at Predict42, I learned a lot and gained interesting insights into the world of data analysis, artificial intelligence and technology.

Practical insights into Large language Models, Streamlit and Labeling

At Predict42 I had the opportunity not only to gain practical experience with the Streamlit platform, but also to gain deeper insights into the world of Large Language Models (LLMs). A significant method of training LLMs is to tag datasets with appropriate labels to enable AI to understand words, their relationships and contexts. During our internship, the focus was on getting to know the basics of the LLM training process and putting them into practice. The acquired knowledge of using Streamlit enabled me to not only understand these concepts theoretically, but also to apply them practically by creating my own small website. This experience further developed my digital content skills and increased my enthusiasm for information technology.

Experiences from everyday working life at Predict42

During our time at Predict42, we also had the unique opportunity to not only gain insights into the employees' various areas of responsibility, but also to actively participate in their work processes. Each employee took the time to personally introduce us to their tasks and responsibilities. These direct insights into daily activities enabled us to better understand the variety of tasks within the company and to get to know the different departments.
In addition, we were encouraged to attend meetings and presentations where current projects, challenges and strategies were discussed. By attending these important company events, we were able to not only improve our understanding of the company's dynamics, but also gain valuable experience by participating in discussions and gaining insights into decision-making processes.


Overall, the student internship was an extremely positive experience. I particularly enjoyed coding and experimenting with Streamlit. I also liked the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the office. In addition, during my internship I was not only able to improve my technical skills, but also gain valuable insights into how an IT start-up works.

-- Zhaohan Li (left-most on thumbnail)

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