Sep 10, 2023
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Customer Feedback on Dutch hardware stores

Download our whitepaper analyzing thousands of online reviews of six Dutch DIY store brands: Hubo, Bauhaus, Karwei, Hornbach, Praxis and Gamma.

Customer Feedback on Dutch hardware stores

Customer quality perception is benchmarked

We have analyzed Google Reviews for the topo 6 hardware store brands (Hubo, Bauhaus, Karwei, Hornbach, Praxis and Gamma). Looking at over 70.000 customer reviews with our software "MIGO Feedback Hub", we generated the following results.

In a first step we looked at two questions in our whitepaper:

  • What topics are important to customers?
  • How positive or negative is the feedback on these topics?

In a second step, we created a weighted index (ORI), based on the sentiment score for each topic.

And last, we compared the six brands based on this customer satisfaction index in the dutch market

Comparison of customer satisfaction among all brands

The benchmark leader in the Netherlands is HUBO with a score of 80.3 , followed by Bauhaus and Karwei.

Click & Collect Services as focus area

Our analysis of  the concept “Click & Collect” shows large differences in customer perception among brands in the Netherlands. While Hubo (40) receives by far the best feedback, Hornbach (9) and Praxis (7) both still perform partially well. Bauhaus (-18) in particular shows weaknesses in this area and room for improvement. With the ongoing pandemic, the importance of the concept  “Click & Collect” has greatly increased and should therefore be more considered by decision makers.

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