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Aldi France – vainqueur de notre benchmark

Lisez notre communiqué de presse pour avoir un résumé des résultats de notre livre blanc, se basant sur le feedback de 1.8 millions de clients de grande distribution alimentaire française.

AI in Retail – What impacts the customer experience in the French food retail market?

Download our whitepaper analyzing 1.8 million online reviews of 10 French food retail brands like Carrefour, E.Leclerc, Intermarché, Auchan, and many more.

AI in Retail: Did you know? Online reviews are estimated to drive 20% of stores sales.

Online reviews drive up to 20% of sales in stores. Use AI and Google reviews to understand you customer feedback at scale. Read our recent whitepaper analyzing 2 million online reviews of 12 German retail brands

Lecture at ESB Reutlingen – What are data science products? and predicting the “future business student”

This post covers a lecture at ESB Reutling. Find our take “data science products” and two interesting use case. Also learn how the future business student will look like.

Feedback from 2+ Mio. retail customers – unlocking insights from online reviews with AI

This whitepaper takes a look at 2.1 million customer reviews for 12 German retail brands such as Lidl, Aldi, Rewe, Edeka, dm, obi and a few more. It uses Natural Language Processing to analyze what topics matter most to customers in the period 3/2020 to 2/2021.

People Analytics Game on Employee Retention

Play our people analytics game free of charge. Contribute to research and teach you staff how to take data-driven decisions in HR.

2. People Analytics Garage

Join the 2. People Analytics Garage – a unique virtual event for HR Leaders, IT Managers, and Data Scientist to discuss how to use SAP SuccessFactors to implement actual People Analytics Use Cases

1. People Analytics Garage (Virtual Event)

Join the First People Analytics Garage – a unique virtual event for HR Leaders and Data Scientist to discuss how to implement actual People Analytics Use Cases

Zukunft Personal 2019 – Three questions to focus on!

Interesting. Intense. Complex. In consequence a challenge for HR folks to make sense out of all this. This would be my summary from Zukunft Personal 2019. Let me try to help out by focusing on which questions mattered to me and which might also be important for you. 

Webinar: People Analytics – basic principles and deep dive attrition use case

This webinar was given to the HR-Rookies Network Organization in August 2019. In part one we give a short answer to the question “What is people analytics and why should you care?“. In part two, Thomas demos an attrition prediction use case with our people analytics prototoyping app Peacock.

selected customers

prototype, learn, and automate with Predict42

Our Mission: Help you ask the right questions to make better decisions in customer and people analytics!

Dr. Johannes Fuhr

Dr. Johannes Fuhr

Geschäftsführer, Co-Founder

The Marketeer

I have 15+year of experience in both enterpreneurial & corporate environments. Therefore, I understand the challenges you face and can point out workable solutions.

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Dr. Thomas Görtz

Dr. Thomas Görtz

Geschäftsführer, Co-Founder

The Data Scientist

I am a mathematician with 10+ years of experience in online marketing and data science. I love to turn data into information and then quantifiy business impact. 

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What does "Prototype, Learn, Automate" mean?

Step 1: Prototype with quantified business impact

Based on your key questions, we will build analytical prototypes. These visual and interactive prototypes help you understand business value and implications.

Step 2: Learn by challenging the prototype results

Using our interactive prototypes, we go back and forth to identify and answer the key business questions. This iterative learning-based approach also creates acceptance for change among all stakeholders

Step 3: Automate the process and implement the solution

We help you implement the solution by either providing scripting logic or a full application. Both can be operated for a small license fee either in your own stack or by us in the cloud

a different People Analytics
- embedded and integrated -

Explore people analytics solutions and hear from customers

Explore our MIGO applications and hear from customers

Whitepaper "Feedback from 2 Mio.+ retail customers – unlocking insights from online reviews with AI"

Take a look at 2021/20 data and insights on how German Retailers perform from a genuine perspective of millions of customers

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