Introducing VALUEMAP 
Quantify your hidden potential in SEA and prioritize your resources

VALUEMAP shows P&L impact per SEA core process

Our philosophy for VALUEMAP stems from years of experience in our roles as CMO and Chief Data Scientist. We strongly believe that quantified business impacts always beats expert opinions in any (internal) discussions.

Based on this view, we have developed VALUEMAP, which provides hard numbers by applying machine learning and simulations to your SEA data. As a result, you will be able to prioritize resources based on value contribution.

Easy SET-up

We source your data via Google Ads API without any IT ressources needed. Your results are accessed via an interactive web application.

Quantify Result

Quantification of commercial impact is based on sophisticated data engineering processes, machine learning algorithms, and thousands of simulations

Facilitate Discussion

The results will allow you an unpredeceted quality of discussion, when prioritizing with C-Level, operational SEA Team, and  IT/Analytics.

SEA ValueMap 
Empowering CMO & Leadership based on quantified P&L contribution

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We offer three pricing options. Tap into our knowledge by choosing the VALUEmap+ options

*Travel cost are not included. Initial cost and subscription cost might differ for large accounts / number of accounts.

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