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Webinar: People Analytics – basic principles and deep dive attrition use case

by | Sep 5, 2019 | People Analytics

This webinar was given to the HR-Rookies Network Organization in August 2019. In part one we give a short answer to the question “What is people analytics and why should you care?“.

In part two, Thomas demos an attrition prediction use case with our people analytics prototoyping app Peacock. While below you see the slides, you need to start the video at the end of this post and advanced to 15:00 to take a look at the demo.

Last, but not least, we a currently looking for innovative pilot customers, which are interested to a) improve its tech/analytics recruiting or b) assessing the capabilities of its tech organization by using advanced network analytics. Please drop us a short message via our contact form, in case your are interested.

Slide Deck for Webinar HR Rookies

Webinar with HR Rookies with attrition use case (starts 15:00)

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