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Employee Churn

Improving employee retention and addressing factors that lead to higher employee churn

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Churn is a high cost

Churn is a costly part of a business, due to the loss of productivity, the costs of finding someone, and the opportunity costs of training new staff rather than keeping a well equipped employee. Working out how to reduce churn can save you between 50% and 200% of an employee’s annual salary (Gallup, Gandhi & Robinson, 2021) 

Predict potential churn rate

Predicting what the individual churn rates of sub-groups in your company can be one of the best ways to work out where you need to prioritise improving on your Employer Value Proposition. Our Attrition Prediction App collects and displays this information in a dashboard format that allows you to filter to right levels and work out what the churn of individual groups is.

Magnitude of individual factors

The Attrition Prediction App creates models that show which factors have an impact on staff retention. It creates models based on costs as well as percentages, making them easy to understand for their contexts. The models also ‘flip’ the perspective, so rather than looking exclusively at what might be causing staff to leave, we investigate what might cause them to stay.

Leverage your existing HR Data

To help this app fit into your current systems, it is designed to take on information from your own sources. This also allows a smooth transfer of information without needing to include additional parties, meaning that data privacy can be ensured. We have experience working with a range of HR systems, such as SAP Successfactors and Workday.

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Our Product

PAGO is a software suite, which offers modular apps for expert HR users and focus specific people analytics or automation use cases. PAGO apps are integrated with your standard HRIS and other HR systems, which allows your internal customer to keep using familiar systems, such as SAP SuccessFactors or Workday. Learn more…

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