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Do you have these challenges for getting started with people analytics?

Challenge 1: you have no or little HR Analytics, but you seek to become a true business partner based on data insights and decision support for your commercial peers

Challenge 2: you do not know where to start – typically you would talkt to big software vensores and start a major project, but you feel that you are not ready yet

Challenge 3: you have little or no budget for HR Analytics and limited access to data science ressources

Challenge 4: you believe that you can get funding, if you were able to show the  power of analytics and visualize some results to your stakeholders

Watch how to get started with pepole analytics!

Solution Design:

Start with a small use case, an open source data science stack, rather than starting HR Analytics at large scale, i.e clean all the data, structure all the data, pick the vendor, start a big change programm. 


Go quickly through your typical data science circle for a very specific use case with selected data, rather than spending lots of time at each stage for a large project with a large data set

Reason Why

A small and time-boxed project of a few manndays + use of current available skripts (e.g. via Kaggle/ aka “Wisdome of Crows”) + open source data science stack (no cost), will allow you to launch your first use case in HR Analytics within days. 

Create Options via Learnings:

With the lessons learned you are able to: (1) understand what your needs and challenges are, (2) show your stakeholders quickly what could be potentially achieved with analytics (aka analytics drives business partnership”, (3) increase the success of a scalable approach with a vendor based HR analytics

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