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Let’s talk: Salary

Attracting and maintaining your talents using data-driven Salary Design, integrated with SAP Successfactors and Mercer Data

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How to retain and attract talent?

Knowing the market value of the talent you seek is paramount to attraction and retention, but checking that what you are offering is fair can be a challenge! CompBench incorporates your SAP SuccessFactors and Mercer’s benchmark data to provide tailored information on salary decisions, while allowing you to simulate to pay bands.

Ask the right questions

To optimise salaries that already exist, it is important to have the right approach, and to visualise the situation with fresh eyes.

The right Tool

Keeping an eye on the market is important, but how does one approach such a task? Having a tool to filter through all the available data to find the critical information needed to make decisions will help you to see patterns and understand the expectations that your employees have.


Predict42, in partnership with Mercer, have developed an app that allows you to compare the salaries of individuals easily, as well as simulate and optimise pay bands.

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Our Product

PAGO is a software suite, which offers modular apps for expert HR users and focus specific people analytics or automation use cases. PAGO apps are integrated with your standard HRIS and other HR systems, which allows your internal customer to keep using familiar systems, such as SAP SuccessFactors or Workday. Learn more…

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Predict and Prevent Employee Churn

Predict and Prevent Employee Churn

Staff Churn is costly. By using Predict42’s Attrition Prediction App, it is possible to work out the most significant reasons for staff loss, and how to reduce the risk.

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