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Predicting Employee Engagement

Explore & understand reasons for disengagement and model quantified impact of different measures in our peacock app


Customer: Global Pharmaceutical Company
Challenge: Opportunitiy cost resulting from disengaged employees
Objective: Identify actionable recommendations at HR policy and leadership level
Solution: Mash up survey with ERP data and run machine learning models. Results are accessible in Peacock app and KPIs are infused back into proprietory systems

What were the key challenges?


The cost of disengaged employee amount up to 33% of an employee’s annual salary. If multiplied over the entire working life and the entire workforce, the cost can be substantial.

the challenge is, that the cost of disengagement is hardly ever quantified nor are concrete mumbers assigned to HR policy changes or leadership actions to improve engagement.

Without quantification and analysis what are the drivers of disengagement, HR and leadership cannot derive actionable recommendations

How does our solution differ?


Unlike simple surveys, we provide a drag-and-drop model builder for causal engagement models and use advanced machine learning models incl. natural language processing for text

We provide you with synthetic data and questions to prototype your survey, visualize analytics results, and test acceptance prior to launching the survey

We use an API first and a no-code approach for the survey builder to allow maximum flexibility in design, rules and data sourcing (SAP, etc)

“Euch unterscheidet die Fähigkeit, klare Lösungswege aufzuzeigen und diese gestalten/bauen zu können”

Mike Kleemann

Senior Manager HR Analytics

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