Introducing PEACOCK
the first app for people analytics prototyping

Quick prototyping allows to discuss actual use cases!

Our philosophy behind PEACOCK is simple. We believe the biggest obstacle between HR staff and Data Scientiest/IT is communication. We know from experience, that using prototypes to discuss and test use cases, is a key success factor.

Prototype based ON R

We code in R, one of the leading data science language. We give you access via user-friendly app with great visualization


You have no data or are reluctant to use your company’s data? No problem. We provide representative demo data to get you started

Facilitate Discussion

We can facilitate meaningful discussions between HR, business, IT and Data Scientists, as we know the corresponding challenges

Quantify Result

Quantification of commercial impact as well as process automation are a key success factors to bring business and HR together.

Peacock demonstrated with an attrition use case

Do not let your high performers leave!

Peacock is a platform for rapid prototyping for people analytics use cases.  In the app we feature a decision support system, which allows HR staff & business leaders to quickly determine, who of his/her staff members is in danger of leaving the company.

The underlying analytics explained

3 Minute video on how to tackle predicting attrition from a data science perspective. Thomas explains the general set-up and introduces the methodology

Step 1: Login with your credentials

We are hosting the peacock application in your own stack or a secured environment with only approved users having access.

Step 2: Upload your Date / Use demo date

Our app allows you to get started immediately by pressing the button “Use demo data” and thereby uploading a set over 1.500 people of a representative sample. In our premium version you can also upload your own data.

Step 3: Explore the data

A natural first step is to explore the nature and the distribution of your variables. We allow for different forms of visualization.

Step 4: Run Machine Learning Models

Now it is time to train your model. We allow for easy partioning of the training set. Right now we have two models (Random Forest, Gradient Boosting Machine). For the actual prediciton, the app chooses the model with the higher accuracy.

Step 5: Easy sorting and filtering

Once the models have run, you can click on the menu item “Get business insights” and explore the results. You can easily filter/sort your employees based on the risk of exit, by income or other dimensions.

Step 6: Act - define actions to reduce cost of attrition

We calculate your total cost of attrition. Also we plot the exit risk and the performance rating, allowing to quickly determined which high performing employees are most endangered.

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