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a different People Analytics
- embedded and integrated -

What is people analytics?

People Analytics

provides decision support to business and HR – many times by using some type of prediction. See examples for people analytics use cases


automates processes & structures HR data, usually this involves the company’s HRIS (e.g. SucessFactor). See examples for automation use cases

How does a people analytics app look like?

Take a look at the our case study to learn more about this use case.

How does your approach “prototype, learn, automate” work?

Prototype Stage

Prototyping either with demo or a small sample of data, allows you to quickly understand the most important aspects of the “problem to solve”.

As a result, you speed up internal discussion with stakeholders by presenting them a first interactive application to discuss with you.

Pilot & Rollout Stage

Once you have quantified the commercial upside in the prototyping stage, you are in a great position to ask for budget and internal ressources to move your new product towards a first pilot and then rollout.

What are examples for HR automation use cases?

PAGO - Autoflex

sources relevant information from SAP SuccessFactors for preparing ADP payroll. Runs automatic payroll audit with alerting to HR business partners

PAGO - HR Controlling

SAP SF data is used for daily updates to the HR cost forecast. Budgets are simulated with parameters (e.g. churn rate, short-time-work) and uploaded to ERP.

PAGO - Compbench

Aligns and automates import and export of SAP SuccessFactors data with external compensation & benefit benchmarking data

SAP SuccessFactors Service Partner

Predict42 offers an assessment of your overall HRIS / HCM capabilities and performance, identifying opportunities for improvement. As a SAP Open Ecosystem Service Partner, we also service any support request you might have.

What are examples for people analytics use cases?

PAGO - Attrition Prediction

sources relevant data, analyzes, shows reasons for attrition. Integration both in data sourcing and alerting/monitoring for HRIS/ internal reporting. Learn more.

PAGO - Performance Evaluation

Provides recommendations for design for performance and salary increase distribution by comparing scenarios with different schemes.

PAGO - Compbench

Provides pay band recommendation based based on internal and external compensation data.

What is embedded people analytics?

Modular apps for expert users

our modular apps are used by power users and focus on wither specific people analytics or automation use cases

Integrated with your standard IT systems

if you are not an expert user, you continue to use you standard IT-systems (HRIS, reporting, etc), as our apps work in the background

How does our app-as-a-service model differ from the HR SAAS Model?

App-as-a-service Model
(embedded people analytics)

  • Applications are adapted to your processes/ IT systems
  • Data is sourced from your HR Systems (HRIS) and other relevant sources. 
  • Expert Users are able to simulate impact and configure different alternatives in expert apps
  • Employees continue to use their standard systems
  • Models/App can be on your own infrastructure and internal analytics team can use/alter our apps

Software-as-a-service Model
(standalone people analytics)

  • New stand alone system is created
  • Data is siloed for the specific purpose of the SAAS-App. Integration of existing data is difficult
  • SAAS apps are usually for clearly defined purposed and cannot be adjusted to expert users requirements
  • Employees/Users need to be onboarded to a new system
  • SAAS runs in the provider’s cloud. No transparency on algorithm not integrated co-development possible

How does a typical project look like?

Days on average for prototyping

Days on average for MVP

Days on average for Integration

Prototype for Buy-In

We show you interactive prototypes and use demo-data to get stakeholders involved. Once the purpose of your projects is clear to everybody, it is much easier to get executive backing and approval for data access.

Learning through Iteration

Once approval is there, we build an MVP application based on our existing best-practices with your data. This is an interative process with you adding more business insights, as we continuously improve the app. 

Acceptance via Integration

While expert user continue to work on the analytical app, we help you integrate the key results into your HR process and standard IT Systems. We also talk with your internal teams and expert for product handover to your line organization.

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