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Lecture at ESB Reutlingen – What are data science products? and predicting the “future business student”

by | Apr 16, 2021 | About Predict42, Customer Analytics, Event

Take a look at our slides from our guest lecture at ESB Reutlingen. We also reflected and made three predictions on the “business student of the future”

Our Predictions on the “business student of the future”

Business Students are investing in tech skills

Coding and analytics skills have become a hygiene factor for business students.
Students understand this and invest in building up theses skills.

Business Students prefer tech companies

Large consultancy and big corporate brands remain attractive. However, learning is somehow restricted in these companies.
Students understand this and seek exposure via jobs/ internships in tech companies.

Business Students are the next gen of data scientist

Most data scientist do not have a business background today. With data science products on the rise, business acumen gains importance.
Students understand this and are looking for data science jobs.

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