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Our Data Set

Google Reviews for more than 28.000 German retail stores, 12 brands, and over 2 million customer reviews for the last 12 months.

Our Method

Our MIGO Product Suite uses AI to understand what topics customers are talking about and how positive/negative these topics are perceived at store level.

Our Results

Category Winners are Lidl (groceries), Hagebau (DIY) and dm (drugstores).


of stores sales are impacted by online reviews

What if you could continuously receive customer feedback on each of your stores?

Retailers can now easily check on how their stores (and competitors’ stores!) perform. Understanding customers’ preferences by analyzing millions of Google reviews with natural language processing, is a game changer.

And Retailers can start using this intelligence with the MIGO platform right away!

Dr. Sarah Maihaus

Scientific Advisor, Predict42

Interested? Download the full whitepaper!


Our Product

MIGO is a software, which offers an end-to-end approach for sourcing, analyzing, topic modelling, and visualizing insights from feedback/images. Customers can either embed MIGO in their analytics/BI stack (app as a service model), license it as a SAAS, or access a curated data feed via our powerful MIGO API. Learn more...

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