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Customer Feedback on TOP 6 DIY stores in Austria

AI-driven insights from reviews


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Our Data Set

Google Reviews on Top 6 DIY brands in Austria: Zgonc, Lagerhaus, Hagebau, Hornbach, OBI, and Bauhaus with over 50.000 customer reviews.

Our Method

Our MIGO Product Suite uses AI to understand what customers are talking about. Also we analyze sentiments per topics, both at brand and store level.

Our Results

Our DIY store benchmark leader in Austria is Zgonc with a score of 79,5 , followed by Lagerhaus and Hagebau as second and third. 

Special Analysis

Our analysis of  “Staff availability” shows large differences in customer perception among brands in Austria. While Hagebau (22) receives by far the best feedback regarding the availability of employees, other brands such as Zgonc (4). Hornbach (-15), Obi (-16) and especially Bauhaus (-34) have room for improvement. As consulting with an employee is a key driver for sales and customer satisfaction in DIY stores, this topic should be on top of the list of decision makers.

Interested? Download whitepaper here!


Our Product

MIGO is a software, which offers an end-to-end approach for sourcing, analyzing, topic modelling, and visualizing insights from feedback/images. Customers can either embed MIGO in their analytics/BI stack (app as a service model), license it as a SAAS, or access a curated data feed via our powerful MIGO API. Learn more...

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