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Integrated Customer Analytics
- Automate your marketing & sales processes -

What is customer analytics?

Customer Analytics

we offer marketing audits for digital business, but also tailored apps. Such tailored applications are integrated with your CRM and help you predict customer churn and customer lifetime value

Performance Marketing

we have rich expertise in automating performance marketing processes for large eCommerce companies. Our apps help you to uncover untapped potential, but also get rid of manual processes.

Market & Sales Tech Implementation

our experts have worked in diverse technical set-ups, including Google Analytics, Webtrekk, Google Tag manager, Big Query, Data Studio. We also have a deep expertise on all data privacy issues.

What are examples for customer analytics use cases and apps?

ValueMap Adoptimization

CALC - Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

this app allows to quickly integrate transaction, demographic, and clickpath data to run different customer lifetime prediction models.

AdCopy Miner

Adcopy Miner allows you to manage your ad copy optimization process at a new level. We enable intra and inter adgroup testing, as well as immediate deployment to your SEA accounts. Learn more.


This app allows to detect low performing search pattern. This is, in particular important, in the area of google smart bidding, which takes too much time to filter our bad traffic in the long-tail.

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