Mainz or Cologne, Germany
Full Time
Customer Success

Tribe Lead Business Development

As a Tribe Lead Business Development, you will acquire new customers, develop partnerships, and manage the customer success and inbound marketing team.

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  • Identify and qualify new customers, develop and execute sales strategies, and close deals.
  • Identify and develop relationships with potential partners, negotiate and close partnership agreements, and manage partner relationships.
  • Understand and meet the needs of customers, develop and implement customer success strategies, and build and maintain long-term customer relationships
  • Develop and execute inbound marketing strategies, create and distribute content, and generate leads
  • Set goals and objectives, motivate and inspire team members, and provide feedback and coaching

Why this matters to us:

  • Develop and execute a customer acquisition strategy that results in a 100% increase in new customers year-over-year
  • Secure a new partnerships with a major industry player, which results in a 40% increase in revenue from new customers
  • Increase website traffic and leads by 50% through inbound marketing campaigns

Perks & Benefits

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EARN: Salary + Equity
We foster an entrepreneurial culture by offering a virtual stock option program.
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FLEXIBILITY: Hybrid work
we offer mix of remote and on-premise work, combining the best of both worlds
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GROW: Research Time
all employees have blocked research time per week at their disposal.
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PLAN: Pension Plan
we subsidize up to 20% of you pension plan / direct insurance via salary conversion
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we care and support you, if you go through a difficult time at some point in your life.
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BOND: Team Building
we organize different team events, including a super exciting offsite each year.
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