About Us

Our Mission: Automate and Empower!

Automate your business to let technology do the routine work, while you focus on a) the analytics/data feeding your automation b) the processes being triggered by automation, and c) creative work to understand and solve your customers needs.

Empower your teams and organization to build up capabilities and learn continuously in a fast changing environment. Ultimately, we want YOU to master automation & data-driven decision-making. Our job is to help you to make the transformation!

“getting it done” and “measuring results”

We have worked multiple years together in different roles: in academia, in the same company, and now as partners.

Dr. Johannes Fuhr

Dr. Johannes Fuhr

Data-driven Marketer

What you will like about me...

I understand you, having  worked in Digital & Corporate

I listen, every situation is unique

I advice, based on experience and recurring principles

I will show you business value, based on facts



Dr. Thomas Görtz

Dr. Thomas Görtz

Enterpreneurial-minded Data Scientist

What you will like about me...

I am a mathematician, who thinks enterpreneurial

I will use “wisdom of crowds” and “open source”

I understand your context, having build up teams myself

I show you results & build the code to automate the process

Our partners share our philosophy

As current and formers customers of our partners, we tell you why.

Torben Daudistel

Torben Daudistel

Founder Necara GmbH


Why we work with Torben:

strong business sense

pragmatic in to automating processes into applications

“Code blooded” with deep IT Ops knowledge

Rest API Experts and knows how to deal with legacy

Stefan Neefischer

Stefan Neefischer

Co-Founder Sealyzer


Why we work with Stefan:

business & process-driven

outstanding SEA expertise in Search and Shopping

Google Stack Expert: BiqQuery + Cloud

Development team in Turkey run by wife Selin

Peacock – people analytics cockpit

We have recently launched an interactive people analytics app, which allows you to discuss use cases between business, HR and your internal IT / Data Science Staff

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We offer free consultation in order to see if and how we could help. Do not hesitate, the least you can expect is that we point you in the right direction!

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We have a demos for our application with sample data. Wether you want to automate process, improve your SEA, or get a feel for HR Analytics, just get in touch