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Reason Why?

As an AI start-up, we believe in community and sharing. Therefore, we did not hesitate, when we were asked to participate in the first RemoteRun Event. We just want to share on three lessons learned to encourage other to participate (next RemoteRun starts in February 2021)

Lesson 1: It is super easy!

Register on the RemoteRun Site. Record all your running/Walking activties with Strava. All data is automatically transferred to the RemoteRun App and can be reviewed by your team


Lesson 2: Running makes you feel good!

In three months, we ran close to 400km. I personally ran a lot with my kids (also sometime taking walking breaks). One of our working students started running again and was able to take the necessary breaks between studying.


Lesson 3: Giving back!

We have donated 25cent for every kilometer. While the sum of 100 Euro might be small, it still feels good to donate this to DKMS. DKMS organizes the fight against blood cancer by working with families and communities to recruit bone marrow donors to provide patients with second chances at life.


Whats next?

We will participate in the next remote run in February. We will have more staff and our goal will be to surpass the 1.000 km! I encourage you to use this time and participate in a similar event / concept.


Take care!
Johannes / Thomas
(Co-Founders Predict42 GmbH)


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